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Which Ionic Foot Detox Machine is Best?

If you have searched the internet you will find a large variety of Detox machines available throughout the world, most are made in China.  They are all touted as being the best, but it seems they compete mainly in price.  You can find the lowest price, (cheap) and told by the seller that it is the best deal, (they say nothing about the best quality).

Dr. Terrance Cooper says:

I had a patient who related that she had gone to a doctor in St. George, Utah where she had an Ion Detox session.  After a half hour session, there was no coloring in the water.  The girl who administered the detox session, gleefully said, “Wow, you don’t have any toxins in your body!

The following week she came to my office for a detox session using my detox machine. After a 30 minute session there was a thick brown and green colored scum on top of the water, and the woman remarked after the session that she even felt better. What was the Difference?  The Quality of the machine and the type of array makes all the difference.

Today, everyone is looking for a product with high performance and the lowest price. Usually it is better to do some research about the product and spend a little more money for both quality and performance. 

Personally, I want a machine that is American-made.  If my machine breaks down I want to be able to send it back to the company who manufactured it for repairs.  I have experienced this very thing when I bought an item that was made in China. When the item broke there was no place available to fix it. 

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