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What Are Toxins?

I am Dr. Cooper, I have completed over 1800 ion detoxes on patients in my practice in Cedar City, Utah. I have seen everything from open wounds, brown recluse spider bites, and removal of fatty tumors and many more problems that have been helped by the Ion detox machine.

Over years the cells in our bodies accumulate different types of toxins as we eat, drink and breathe toxic air from our environment.  Over time, medications and other chemicals we take into our bodies are also stored in our cells.  These accumulated toxic cells cause sickness and disease.  It is known that all cancer and diabetic patients are highly acidic.  It is estimated that mature adults have over 5 lbs of these acid wastes stored in their bodies.

How can you tell if your body is not functioning properly?  Here are seven signs that you can consider.

  1. You may be sleeping well, yet you struggle just to get through the day.  You body may be struggling to release the toxins that you are daily taking inside of your body. So, many of you will drink coffee, cola drinks, or energy drinks trying to get that needed energy. In essence you are only making the problem worse.  Your low level of energy could be the response to hormone disruptions that are disrupting your immune system.

  2. Stubborn weight gain
    It’s usually difficult for anyone to lose weight, however if you are exercising daily and cutting back on your calories, and still putting on the pounds, your problem may be a hormonal issue.  It is true that our natural hormone function can be greatly affected by the toxins in our bodies from the foods we have eaten and other health care products. What you need to do is to detox your body and make some changes in your diet to give your body a chance to recover. 

  3. Bad breath
    As you talk to your friend, and they suddenly take a step backward.  This is a sign that you have what we call halitosis.  You can brush your teeth on a regular basis, and gargle with all sorts of mouth wash, but it doesn’t help. It can be related to infected gums and it could likely be due to digestive problems. For this reason it is important to drink water.  However you may also have a toxic liver and it is struggling to eliminate the toxins that are stored in your body.  Until you find out the cause, you won’t have very many close friends.

  4. Constipation
    Every time you have a bowel elimination you are getting rid of toxins and poisons from our bodies.  We need to have bowel eliminations at least once or twice a day.  I know some people who go three or four day or longer without a bowel movement.  It’s called constipation, and when those fecal wastes remain in the body, toxins are reabsorbed and it can cause headaches, fatigue, joint aches and pains throughout our bodies.  Also if you enjoy fruits, most likely they have been sprayed with pesticides and your body is absorbing them. You also ingest toxins from any processed foods and preservatives.

  5. Sensitivity to scents
    Today’s manufactures of products use many different types of fragrances which contain harmful chemicals to your body.  Your body may be fighting to get rid of these toxic overloads. A sign of this is if your stomach gets upset from different smells, or you suddenly have a headache after smelling a certain fragrance. 

  6. Muscle aches and pains in your joints 
    It is natural to have muscles spasms the folioing day after a hard workout at the gym.  However if you are having muscle and joint pain on a regular basis this can be due to toxins in your joints and muscles. 

  7. Skin reactions
    Acne, rashes, boils and other skin irritation can be a toxic overload in your body. Acne, especially in our youth can be from toxic overload due to the foods we eat.  Also it has been said that Puffy eyes, eczema and psoriasis outbreaks can also be signs that you have reached your toxic limitations and you are at overload.

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