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About IonizeMe

IonizeMe is a HEALTHandMED brand, creating the best and most powerful ionic foot detox machines in the natural health industry.

IonizeMe as a brand started over 10 years ago with popular devices such as the IonizeMe Classic and IonizeMe Elite. These devices, while great in their own ways, did not provide the adequate power necessary to provide users with the best body detoxification available.

That's why we created the IonizeMe Maxx line of ionic detox machines. The Maxx represents the culmination of nearly 15 years of work and experience in the ionic detox field, combining low cost with power and dependability.

We stand behind our brand by offering a 5-year warranty on all IonizeMe Maxx systems. That means if your machine stops working or has problems 5 years after you purchase it, you can call us and get a repair or replacement. We also offer a 14-day guarantee from the date you receive your initial purchase for you to try it for yourself and decide whether it meets your needs.

Industry-Leading 5 Year Warranty

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14-Day Money Back Guarantee