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Ionic Foot Detox Color Chart

Does The Color Change Without My Feet In The Water?

The answer to this question is yes. There is a chemical reaction that takes place between the water, salt, mineral content of water and the electricity from the array. This reaction that takes place has a tendency to turn the water the color of apple juice or light brown. The amount of color change that comes directly from this reaction can vary depending on the use and cleanliness of the array. The oxidization that occurs around the array can build up and cause more of this particular color to occur towards the end of each arrays life cycle.

Does The Color Change Show My Toxins?

Yes. The color change in the water also will show what toxins are coming out of the body and how many. However, it may take some use overtime to really tell differences. If you assume that all of the color change in the water is from your toxins you would be wrong — the color of the water will change regardless — but if you observe the difference of running the machine with and without feet in it there is always a difference. Often times the color change gets more intense and has different tints or hues to the water. More likely you will see a smaller green tint to the water. These tints or hues to the water will help you recognize which part of the body is detoxifying and to what degree.

The colors in the water that result after each session reflect how the different kinds of toxins and their levels can vary from one person to the next. The amount of each toxin that is released during the session, stress levels and the body's overall health are also important factors in determining the final color, which can vary as the detoxification program continues.

Source: Blog for Healthy Living

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