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Ionic Foot Detox Color Chart

After administering over 1800 ion detox, I have seen many of the above colors. The most frequent colors were the dark brown (Liver) and the dark green (Gallbladder) and orange.

Your liver’s main job is to filter the blood coming from the digestive track. Your liver also detoxifies chemicals and metabolizes drugs. Your gall bladder manufactures bile to break up and digest fatty foods in the small intestine.

When you have eaten foods sprayed with pesticides, or come in contact with toxins through your breathing such products as aerosol sprays, all of these fumes are filtered through your liver. Thus, your liver is continually bombarded with toxins throughout your life.

When your liver cannot rid itself of all the toxins that are filtered through it, many of those toxins are stored in the liver. Thus, the main colors I have seen are the colors from the liver and the gallbladder.

I had a woman with a severe yeast infection come for treatment, when the detox session started there appeared a white color on top of the water that looked like frosty snow. It remained there for about 10 minutes and then slowly changed to another color. After 4 detox sessions her severe yeast infection was brought under control.


I had a retired 65 year old welder, who had been welding for over 45 years. He had breathed in harmful carbon toxins over those many years. When I administered his ion detox the scum and large bubbles on top of the water were dark black with shiny black specks on top of the bubbles.


I had a 27 year old mother come for a detox. When she started her detox there was the most brilliant yellow I have ever seen in the water. I had never seen anything like it before.


While living in New Harmony, Utah I had a building contractor come to my office complaining of pain in his joints. He said that the pain had been coming on for the past two or three years. Lately, it had been very difficult for him to do any type of work. He had to hire laborers when building his homes, and it took away much of his profit. His wife worked alongside him, and she had become his second hands while he was having all of these problems.

He came to me for Chiropractic care, however, when I did his examination I noticed that he had small lumps or tumors on his arms. I asked him about the tumors, and he said he had hundreds of them all over his body. He removed his shirt and on his chest and back and around his stomach was small tumors of varying sizes. They mostly were oblong in size and all under two inches.

He lived on a small farm and bailed his own alfalfa hay, and sold it. I decided that I would get into his history a bit more and question him about his work. I learned that he painted the homes that he built, sprayed his own alfalfa fields with pesticides, and also that he worked with a friend in laying pavement for driveways.

For years he had been breathing in the fumes from painting, spraying pesticides and from the tar from the pavement. His body had been saturated with all types of toxins.

He did need some chiropractic care, which I corrected in a few visits. However, I talked to him about his body’s accumulation of toxins from his work environment, and the need to detoxify his system. You should have seen the large amount of sediment and debris that was on top of the water after his detox. He said he even felt better after his session.

I started him out on three times a week. About three weeks later he said that his fatty tumors were getting smaller and softer to touch. Over a 6 month period, most of his fatty tumors had disappeared and only a few remained.


Ion Detox is a must. All Cancer and diabetic patients are acidic. We all have accumulated toxins over our lifetimes.

I have had patients with bright orange, whites, greens, and shades of red. I have also seen varying shades of brown. Some patients have had a reddish brown, a deep black brown and a tan brown. All of my patients used the same tap water source for their detox.