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How Do You Get Toxins Out of the Body?

When you are in pain or ill, your body will try to heal itself. If a sickness overpowers your body, you may need additional help from a healthcare professional. The only thing drugs or natural products due is to help strengthen your body so it can heal itself. However, many times a doctor will treat the symptoms rather than the cause of your malady.

We are subjected to toxins through the fruit and vegetables we buy from our supermarket, because they have been sprayed with pesticides to protect them from insects. We then ingest these pesticides and these poisons then travel to the cells of our body. Some people accumulate more toxins than others. For instance, if a man is working in the oil field, he will absorb the fumes from the oil, and the acids used in treating wells, and his skin will also absorb the airborne contaminates.

Your body will try and expel these toxins through its normal elimination process. When your body is unable to flush the toxins out through its natural body functions, your immune system is compromised and you become more susceptible to illnesses, and aches and pains in your joints.

All cancer patients and diabetic patients are highly acidic. Those who are on heavy medications are also highly acidic.

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Ionic Foot Detox

Ionic Foot Detox machines are used to pull out the accumulation of toxins (acids) that are impacted within your cells. All acid has a positive charge. Our detox machine creates negative ions which attach to the positive ions (Acid toxins) from our bodies.

How Does it Work?

To help you better understand: A machine has been built with a special array (used to make negative ions) to pull out the positive charged toxins from your body. The negative and positive ions attract and attach to each other.

Procedure: Your feet are placed in a basin of water and the array is placed between your feet and then plugged into the machine.

There is no way any water (H2O) can cross the skin membrane barrier and enter your feet. However, with the special array in the water, the machine creates a minuscule electric charge and one of the H (Hydrogen molecules) from the water H2O is now removed, leaving an OH molecule (Hydroxyl molecule) which is now small enough to be pulled through the 4000 pores of your feet and into your circulatory system and lymphatic system. As the negative ion HO molecule enters your body it attaches to positive charged toxic acids.

It has been said that we have over 5 lbs + of these toxins in a mature adult, during our lifetime.

A friend recently attended a seminar in Canada, where the Presenter talked about ways of cleansing the human body. He said when your body is in a health crisis; the body will detox the area which is in need the most, and release the toxins from that area.

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