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Why Does the Water Change Color?

After having conducted over 1800 Ion Detox in my office in the mid 2000’s, I can agree and also disagree with some of the findings relating to change of color in the water. However, most who have given their opinions were based on test subjects who had only used the machine a few times, and they had never used the machine themselves.

When the array is placed in the water and an electrical charge is applied there will be a change in the color of the water due to the salt added to begin the ionization, (water molecules pull the sodium and chlorine ions apart so they can float freely. These ions carry the electrical charge through the water. There will always be some brown/orange color in the water. However, as toxins are released from the different areas of the body, there will be other color changes in the water. (See different colors of detoxes)

I have given over 1800 detox sessions in my office. I have seen formaldehyde poisoning, hundreds of fatty tumors on a man’s body, gout, brain fog and a myriad of other maladies. I have treated children, teenagers, male and female adults and many senior patients (the oldest was 92 years old.) With all of these I saw excellent results.

Certain colors that are pulled from the feet during an ion detox can be due to minerals in the water and additives added to the water to make it safe for drinking.

I have seen and taken pictures of heavy scum, deep green colors, brilliant reds, blacks, and a deep bright yellow in the water during and after an ion detox.

I have read and heard remarks by so called ‘professionals’ when they observed the scum on the water (either after an ion detox or with just plain water,) and then rubbed the scum between their thumb and fingers and exclaim that it was nothing but rust. They did not conduct a scientific test. Nor did they put their own feet in the water, or administered one detox session to anyone. They only gave their professional opinion. Again, I have administered over 1800 detox sessions, and I have personally have had over 200 detox sessions. The results speak for themselves.

This story was related to me by another doctor in the mid 2000’s. He said there was so much controversy surrounding Ion Detox that a television station, (I believe he said it was KSL,) had three Doctors of Chiropractic provide 5 people (who had never had an ion detox session before) a 30 minute detox session. I don’t know if it was live or prerecorded. However, the station then asked 3 podiatrists to express their opinions and thoughts after the session.

After the 30 minute session, in each of the basins of water there were a variety of different colors. Each recipient was asked if they had noticed a change in their well being. Some said they had felt lightness in their bodies, others remarked they felt they could think more clearly. Yet, each recipient said they had noticed a change and they didn’t know why, only that they felt better after the detox.

The 3 Podiatrists were asked their opinions. As they examined the water and the arrays used during the detox, they felt that the scum and the water colors was rust caused from the metal in the array plates. (The arrays were brand new)

They were asked their opinion. “Why then did the five recipients feel better after the session?” One of the Podiatrists felt that the recipient wanted something good to happen, and that it was psychosomatic (all in their head). Another said he didn’t know why there was coloring of the water, or why the recipients felt better. He said it could be that the warm water was soothing their feet. However, there was no way that toxins could be pulled from the body through the human feet.” 

Article I Found

Many sellers of ionic detox foot bath systems have misinformed their customers about the colors they see in the water. They tell their customers that the color change is due to toxins which have been pulled from the body. This is mostly false. The water in the basin will always change to a brown/orange color due to the electrolytic reaction involving the array, salt, water and minerals and impurities in the water. But, when the feet are in the water, the colors are also affected by oils being released from the sebaceous glands, the dead skin cells and the user’s own acidity or alkalinity. Some of the neutralized toxins also will exit the body through the pores of the feet, due to osmosis. An unusual amount of a particular color may indicate that a person has accumulated toxins in certain areas of their body or from certain conditions. The ionic detox is helping to cleanse those areas.

(They say one thing, and then they say another thing contradicting themselves.)

My Response to the Article

Having conducted 2000+ ion detox sessions, (including myself,) I have seen a variety of the colors from these detoxes, which has been displayed on a Detox Color Chart.

In my practice, I used regular tap water to fill all of the foot baths.

I had a woman with a severe yeast infection come in for treatment, and as the detox session started there appeared a white color on top of the water that looked like frosty snow. It remained there for about 10 minutes and then slowly changed to another color. After 4 detox sessions her severe yeast infection was brought under control.

I had a retired 65 year old welder who had been in the welding trade for over 45 years. He had breathed in carbon toxins over all of those years. When I administered his ion detox, the scum and large bubbles on top of the water were light colored black with shiny black specks on top of the bubbles. (Release of heavy metals).

I have had patients with bright orange, yellows, greens, and shades of red and a brilliant dark yellow. All patients used the same tap water source.

Check out my pictures.

What is most important during the ion detox is the presence of negative ions produced by the detox machine. These negative ions attach to the positive acid ions *(toxins) and are then pulled by the electrical charge down through the body and pulled out through over 4000 pores in the feet.

The Ion Detox begins to pull out accumulated toxins in the body, thus helping the body to continue to remove the toxins through the process of urination, defecation and sweating. Please do not assume that one ion detox will cure your problems. I have read that we have over 5 lbs of these toxins stored in the cells of our bodies.

NOTICE: PLEASE ALWAYS DRINK PLENTY OF WATER AFTER A DETOX SESSION and DAILY. During your detox session, the machine has stimulated your body with negatively charged ions. When your detox session is completed, your body will continue to detox for at least 24-48 hours. By drinking water you will continue to flush out toxins.

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