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How to Know Your Detox is Working

How do you know if your Ionic Foot Detox session is working?

Have you taken the Test? This test will help you to determine just how toxic your body is.


There are two types of accumulation of toxins in your body:

  • Accumulation from chemicals and poisons over your lifetime.
  • Work or environmental exposure, whether past or present to chemicals or poisons which create heavy accumulation of toxins in your body.

As you begin to detox (you should do a 30 minute session each time) the water will turn a tan brown or a light orange color. This should appear in about 10 minutes. The brown or light orange color change is due the minerals, salt and other chemicals that have been added to your water by your water company.

The array between your feet produces negative ions from a minuscule amount of electricity from the machine. These negative ions pass through the 4000 pores of your feet and into your circulatory and lymphatic system. These negative ions then attach to the positive ions (toxins) which are then pulled back down through the pores of your feet and into the water.

After the initial light or darker color of brown or orange, you will begin to see a blackish/dark brown (liver) and/or green (gall bladder) color. The liver detoxes your body and your gall bladder breaks down fats, so the most common colors are dark brown, and green with bubbles mixed together and with debris. This is a healthy pull.

Some people who have worked in a toxic environment such as oil wells, plastic manufactures, around gas fumes or downwind from chemical plants will take longer to detox. I have found that different patients that had an impaction of toxins in their cells were due to their work environment, which caused slow
release of toxins during a session.

There can also be a snow white residue on top of the water. This is most common among women with yeast infections.

A dark orange, is from joints and muscles, and black indicates heavy metals.

I had a patient whose detox was thick black water with large grey bubbles. On the bubbles were tiny shiny flecks of black. He had been a welder for 45 years. (This was due to the heavy accumulation of carbons from welding.) (See color chart.)

If your color remains a medium brown with a little green for 3 or 4 sessions, then your body isn’t releasing the toxins as fast as it should. My experience has been that you have accumulations of toxins due to your exposure to certain types of chemicals. If you give your body time, it will begin to release the toxins, and other colors will begin to appear. At the end of your detox the color should be a dark brown/black and dark green. Your liver constantly detoxes your body and is the first area where the toxins are pulled out.

If you detox and get no color at all then there is a problem with your machine or array. You may need to add salt. However if there is no color your machine is not working.

I detox twice weekly. I am 78 years old and I have completed over 200 ion detoxes. I am still pulling a lot of toxins from my body.

Give your body time to heal. We each carry over 5+ lbs of these toxins in the cells of our bodies and it takes time to remove them. Every day we continue to accumulate toxins from sources we are unaware of.

After you detox, be sure you drink plenty of water. How much? Use wisdom. Your body will continue to detox for 24-48 hours due to the negative charged ions that are still active in your body and the water helps in flushing out these toxins.

Remember, it has taken you a lifetime to accumulate these toxins in your body. There are over 20,000 known chemicals that are used in industry. Everything from the sprays on our foods (pesticides) to the clothes we wear (Dyes) and from every spray we use, no matter whether it is perfumes, oven spray, or sprays for insects. We still breath it, ingest it, and absorb it. How do you cleanse your body? Use your Ion Detox machine! Heal yourself and your family, two feet at a time.

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