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Environmental Accumulation

I’d like to share an experience that makes me very glad that I have access to an Ion detox machine, today.

I had a ranch in Utah years ago, and I had ‘White Top” (Bad weed) growing in my pasture. I had a spraying unit with Round-Up pesticide on the back of my tractor. I drove to where the large patches of weeds were and got off the tractor and started spraying- when the wind picked up and blew the spray right into my face. I finished spraying, and by that evening I was sick. I had developed sinus and breathing problems, along with a severe headache. By the next morning I was sick to my stomach, and on the verge of vomiting along with my other aches and pains.

I called a friend, who was an herbalist, and she put me on some products to start a liver cleanse. It took about a week before I began to feel a little better. However, it took a couple of months before I really felt like myself again.

Now, I wish I had had access to an ion detox. It would have cleared up my toxic poisoning within a few days. When I first started using my IonizeMe Maxx machine, I am sure I was detoxing some of those poisons out that I had accumulated years earlier, while spraying on my ranch.


A sixty year old rancher came to my office wanting a detox session. He had heard about it on the radio. (I had an hour talk show every week on KSUB Radio in Cedar City, Utah.)

When he entered my exam room I noticed he had open sores on his face, on the side of his neck and on his arms and hands where his shirt didn’t cover. On some areas of his face the skin was peeling and his skin had a gray pallor, as if it was almost transparent. He looked like he had been in a war. Besides that, his lips were chapped and he had a runny nose.


He owned a large ranch in western Utah and raised Alfalfa hay and other row crops. I think he said he had 600 acres. He did his own spraying for his hay. I asked him what type of pesticide he used. He said he used Roundup.

I asked if he had ever felt the spray or mist from the pesticide on his face when spraying. He mentioned that he had, but he felt it was no big deal.

The first thing I noticed was that he had a chip on his shoulder, and there was no way that I was going to be able to teach him anything.

I had him remove his shirt. He had oozing sores on his shoulders and on the back of his neck. His skin had a sickly appearance, and he complained of aching all over.

I was afraid he had cancer or could be in the advanced stages of it. He said his condition had coming on for the past 5 or 6 years, and he felt it was now just coming to a head. A friend of his suggested that he come and use my detox machine.

With his symptoms and his outward appearance, I called the company who made the detox machines, and spoke with their research doctor. I filled him in on the patient’s symptoms, along with his complaints and outward appearance.

The doctor seemed alarmed and said the patient needed 50 to 100 detoxes, due to the length of time he had been using the pesticides. The doctor said that the boils and oozing sores were his body’s way of trying to get rid of the poisons. He suggested that the patient buy himself a machine, so as not to burden him financially. (It was less expensive to buy a machine than have to pay for each detox.)

I let the patient listen in on my conversation with the doctor. After completing my call, I asked the patient what he thought. He said he would like to have a detox session.

I did the detox for the patient, and after the 30 minute session, you should have seen the scum on the top of the foot bath container – it was at least an inch high. It turned a light white, (infection) then into a dark brown and then into a black and dark green color. (Liver and gallbladder) I don’t know what he thought when he saw the accumulation of scum and residue. He just slowly shook his head.

I don’t know what was on his mind, but I explained his need for further detoxes of at least 50 or more due to his heavy accumulation of poisons, and due to his exposure to the Roundup pesticide. I suggested that he buy a machine to save himself a trip into town and the cost for the detoxes.

He didn’t want to spend the money for a machine (it wasn’t expensive) and it was too far for him to drive into town several times a week, and besides that he didn’t have the time, as he was too busy on his ranch.

I never did hear from him again. I am sure that he died a painful death. There was no way his body could have overcome his toxic infection, without detoxing his body. He had already taken medication for his infections, but it had not helped.


Let’s try and stop a problem before it begins. We all have toxins in our bodies; it’s just a fact of life. Our environment caused it, but you can do something to help protect yourself by using the IonizeMe Maxx or IonizeMe Maxx Go ionic foot detox machine.