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Brown Recluse Spider Bite

When I first started using the Ion Detox Machine, the word spread like wildfire in our area. I started seeing patients day in and day out for ionic detoxes.

One patient I had was an 80 year old retired Attorney from Denver, Colorado. He came all the way from Denver, having been referred by a friend of his in our area.


He had been bitten by a Brown Recluse Spider on his right hand. I don’t remember when it had occurred, but his ligaments and muscles of his damaged hand were ghastly to look at.

He said:

“My doctors have put me on powerful antibiotics over a long period of time and they say that I am now healed. But, Doctor Cooper I am not healed. I feel a terrible sickness in my entire body. I told this to my Medical Doctor and he said it was just my age. But, I know my body, and I know how I have felt in the past before I got bitten and how I feel now.”

I put him on a schedule of care. I saw him daily for one week and then three times a week for three weeks and then two times a week for four weeks.

On his eighteenth visit he reported that he was feeling wonderful, and, that was even feeling better than prior to his spider bite.